Don't miss these 10 adorable animals at this year at The Great Frederick Fair

The Great Frederick Fair is home to food, rides, games and more, but the best of all, might be the animals. Over 5,000 school-aged kids are expected to visit the animal exhibits this year from September 14 to the 22nd to learn about Frederick County’s agriculture.

Here are 10 adorable animals to be sure not to miss:

  1. Baby Piglets – located in The Birthing Center, the piglets are the main attraction in the swine area, and arguably, a main destination for many people visiting the Fair. 
  2. Ducklings on the Slide – the baby ducks are located in the Farm & Garden building 14. This group of fuzzy ducklings was just hatched this month. The exhibit includes a slide and a little pond so be sure to stick around and watch the adorable ducklings try to figure out how it all works.
  3. Crazy-Haired Chickens  even though that’s not the formal name for them, we think the chickens and their beautiful hair are a “not to miss” exhibit in the poultry area of building 14.
  4. Lop-Eared Rabbits – we can’t be responsible for the cuteness overload that the bunnies will bring to your fair experience. You can find them in building 14 as well.
  5. Peacock – located in building 14, there’s something majestic about this large and colorful pheasant. Right below the peacock’s cage this year, you might also find a female with two small baby peacocks.
  6. Tennessee Fainting Goats – this breed of goats has a rare condition in which their muscles experience a prolonged contraction when they are startled and they subsequently faint. The Fainting Goats are located in the City Streets, Country Roads building this year and you might find them lounging on some playground equipment in their exhibit.
  7. Sheep Being Sheared – this sheep was being sheared in front of a school-aged group learning about wool. We think the sheep looked 10 pounds lighter afterwards so stop by and check out the haircuts!
  8. Goats – perhaps the friendliest animals at the Fair, or maybe it’s just because they’re hungry, the goats are always anxious for visitors.
  9. Livestock Being Shown – many Frederick County kids grow up showing livestock at the Fair such as OED’s Agricultural Business Development Specialist Katie Stevens once did. She still shows her prized cow at the Fair and because showing livestock is a competition, only the best get shown! This is where you’ll find the animals who are camera-ready.
  10. Baby Calves – last but not least, back in the Dairy Barns, there is building called The Milky Way where you will find some of Frederick County’s most recent adorable additions to the dairy industry.