Episode 3: Farm Products Hit the Road

Catoctin Mountain Orchard is settled in the mountains of Thurmont, Maryland. It has been a native of Frederick County since 1948 and is a 4th generation farm. During the first round of agricultural innovation grants, the farm received funding to purchase an enclosed truck to park on the farm to provide a better experience for their customers. The plan for this trailer is to have a check in window for their “pick your own” apples, as well as having the capacity to sell their baked goods and more from another window.  It can also serve as another avenue for the farm. When it is not being used at their  market, they can attend local events or farmer’s markets selling their products and baked goods from the truck.

You may have already seen this little van on the road, but Moo Cow Creamery in Middletown also received funding through the agricultural innovation grant to purchase a refrigerated van to transport their farm fresh cheese and butter. Walnut Ridge Farm has been in business since 1936 and is the home of the cows for Moo Cow Creamery. This creamery came alive in November 2020 having products in hand to sell by January 2021. The Moser’s use the milk produced from their cows to provide the public with delicious cheese and butter. They use the van to pick up their products from where it is processed to bring it back to the farm to sell to customers on farm, in retail locations, as well as farmer’s markets. You can find Moo Cow Creamery’s cheese and butter in many locations through Frederick County.

“It is great to see farmers in Frederick County coming up with creative ideas and provided with a source of money like the Agricultural Innovation Grant to turn those ideas into reality.” said Kayla Umbel, Senior Business Development Manager of Agriculture for the Office of Economic Development.

Always remember to support your local farmers and businesses! Follow along with these two farms on Facebook to find their products near you and the events happening right on the farm.