Episode Two: FRESH Produce, is the BEST Produce

It’s officially summer and the farmers are working hard in the fields to make sure the Frederick county community has fresh produce to take home for their families. One very important source for any plant is water. We can all think of a time we killed those beautiful flowers because we just forgot to water them.

Farmers implement irrigation systems on their farms so that doesn’t happen. Chestnut Hill Farm & Market along with Moon Valley Farm were two recipients of the Agricultural Innovation Grant that received money to help put in irrigation systems to supply their vegetation with a consistent source of water. This allows them to increase yields and provide the best product possible. Emma Jagoz, owner of Moon Valley Farm, wrote, “It gives me GREAT peace of mind that I will be able to water my crops and not just watch them underperform or even die from lack of adequate irrigation. I am grateful for the county for offering this and will do my best to return the value to our community in the form of fresh veggies for many years to come.”

Chestnut Hill Farm and Market is located in the Wolfsville area on a sixth-generation farm raising livestock, crops and now vegetables. They were able to diversify to grow vegetables with the help of the Agricultural Innovation Grant. Currently, they are selling their products at several Farmers Markets such as Jefferson, Middletown, Frederick City, Thurmont and Wormans Mill Farmers Markets. Be sure to follow along with this family of farmers on their Facebook page. Missy Donnelly with Chestnut Hill Farm and Market said, “We are striving to provide sustainable, high quality, healthy options to our consumers. With this grant we are able to just that!”

Moon Valley Farm is a woman-owned business farming 25 acres in Woodsboro, MD. Moon Valley farm is a diverse, organically growing vegetable and herb farm offering their products through the Community-Support Agriculture (CSA) Program and for restaurants in Frederick, Baltimore, and DC. You can find more out on their website: Community Supported Agriculture | Moon Valley Farm | Maryland.

For more information about the Agricultural Innovation Grant please reach out to Katie Stevens, Associate Director of Agriculture Business Development, at KStevens1@FrederickCountyMD.gov. The Agriculture Innovation Grant will open again on July 1, 2021 and you can find more information about the grant here: Discover Frederick Maryland (discoverfrederickmd.com).