Farmers Grow in Frederick County: Episode 1 – Valley-Homemade and Homegrown

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and farmers are busy sowing the fields to grow this year’s crop. Over at Valley-Homemade and Homegrown they are also sowing seeds in the soils of their garden and watching their flowers bloom for their Cut Your Own Flower Operation. Located in Middletown, Jamie Derr started this operation four years ago on her and her husband’s dairy farm where they milk on average seventy cows. This business was an opportunity to add extra income to their operation and allow Jamie to do something she is very passionate about.

At the beginning of the year, Jamie was presented with an opportunity to help her flower business. She applied for the Ag Innovation Grant offered through Frederick County to build a pavilion where she could host cut your own flower events as well as floral arrangement classes. “People had been asking for arranging classes and this allowed me to have the space to do that. This pavilion was something that we needed, but couldn’t afford or justify doing it without a little extra support.” said Jamie. Valley-Homemade and Homegrown has already doubled the number of events held at the farm this year by having this opportunity to build the pavilion. It has allowed her customers a better experience as she has a “one stop shop” where they come and get everything they need.

When you attend the events you get more than just the Cut Your Own Flower experience. You get to take in the views and see the operation of a working dairy farm (oh and don’t forget to take your picture with a baby calf while you’re there too). Jamie said, “We know how lucky we are to get to live here, and we love to get to share that with other people. It’s a blessing we have the avenue to do that.” Valley-Homemade and Homegrown is a great spot to escape this summer, enjoy the beautiful rural landscape, and make your own gorgeous flower arrangements. You can learn more about what is offered and their schedule of events at