Frederick County’s Craft Beverage Industry Steps Up During Covid-19 Crisis

The Frederick County Craft Beverage industry has come together in a time of need to support the needs of our community. Tenth Ward Distillery, McClintock Distillery, Dragon Distillery and Puerto Rico Distillery have switched gears to use their alcohol product to make hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners.

Tenth Ward has always been an active part of the community, and although being strapped financially as many other small businesses are, they stepped up to the plate to help those in need. Monica Pearce, owner of Tenth Ward Distillery, has received donations of raw materials to distill into ethanol for covid response supplies from Loew Vineyards (wine) and the Washington County soon to open farm distillery, Pathfinder Farm (corn).  Tenth Ward is turning these products, along with some of their own, into a disinfectant surface cleaner that is being sent to the VA, local hospitals, Montgomery County ABC, police officers and local governments. Along with creating the cleaner, Tenth Ward is providing 90% ethanol to pharmacies who have the supplies to manufacture hand sanitizer, including Whitesell Pharmacy in Downtown Frederick.

McClintock Distillery is doing their part by producing over 12,000 gallons of hand sanitizer in the last two weeks alone. The McClintock team has received donations from Catoctin Breeze Vineyard and Knob Hall Wineries, who donated hundreds of gallons of wine to distill for hand sanitizer. As McClintock Distillery continues to ramp up production they have already donated about $25,000 worth of product to those most in need in the community ,including the Frederick Rescue Mission and the Frederick County Fire and Rescue Services.

In addition to those on the front lines of this pandemic, commercial businesses that are open during this time can purchase the hand sanitizer, helping to bring in revenue to purchase materials to continue this need.  Looking to purchase hand sanitizer for your family? You can purchase a bottle of McClintock Distillery hand sanitizer for $35 with the purchase of a bottle of spirits and have it delivered right to your door.

In need of some spirits to get you through staying at home? Be sure to support the local distilling industry who is supporting those most in need.

Katie Stevens Associate Director of Agriculture Business Development said “We are proud of the collaboration and creativeness we have seen in the Craft Beverage community to support the needs of the Frederick Community.”

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