From Blue Dreams to Fashion Dreams: Farm Boutique Launches New Collection

The past year has been all about pivoting for many businesses. As a small farm boutique in Frederick County, Blue Dreams USA specializes in lavender, roses, tea and nature-inspired gifts. When the pandemic forced their store to temporarily close, owners Imelda Roberts and Jeff Snively made the decision to pivot their business and get creative with an online shop. They launched a line of unique fashion accessories called BSM-ART Wear, by Imelda Roberts. Imelda was inspired by the nature around her to create original printed designs that are both beautiful and functional. The line features various styles of bags, gaiter scarves and face masks in brightly-colored nature-inspired designs.

Imelda’s BSM-Art Wear includes a Love Bag Collection in four designs. “It is not just a bag. It’s a bagful of arts that contains a UV sterilizer, hand sanitizer, matching gaiter scarf/face mask in one set,” Jeff Snively said of Imelda’s creative work.

Some of the items even pay tribute to meaningful places to Imelda, like the State of Maryland and Washington, DC.  Imelda says her designs represent “finding beauty amidst chaos.”

Blue Dreams USA recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding and expand the creative project even further. Thanks to an extremely positive reception of the fashion line, the BSM-ART Wear Kickstarter Campaign met its funding goal in just a matter of days and continues to grow. 

“I am so grateful that we have very positive reception and support for my creative project.  In just ten days we are 158% funded.  We still have almost a month to go on this campaign and we are incredibly thankful to our early backers and supporters for successfully kickstarting my creative project at Kickstarter,”

To support the BSM-ART Wear project, you can visit the Kickstarter page at

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