School of Food Spotlights at the Frederick City Market

On Sunday, the sun was nowhere to be found and the skies were grey but that didn’t affect the atmosphere at the Frederick City Market. As vendors set up their booths people came rolling through the parking lot to buy delicious products and support local small businesses.

At the market, two growing businesses were spotlighted that graduated from the 2020/2021 School of Food courses hosted by Cureate in partnership with the Downtown Frederick Partnership and the Frederick County Office of Economic Development. Abby, owner of Maple and Rye Bakery, was a 2020 graduate and Nikevia owner of CINNAMOMMY, just graduated from the 2021 course. These two ladies were on display from 9am-1pm at the market selling their delicious baked goods. There have been 30 graduates through the school of food, some of whom are in the preliminary stages of their business, while others have grown into a brick and mortar businesses.

Abby has been attending the Frederick City Market for a year now. From croissants and baked goods to fresh granola people were buying her products left and right. One customer approached and said, “I tried to get here early before you ran out of my favorites.” Maple and Rye Bakery started in 2019 by using local whole grains and natural sweeteners to create a tasty, healthier treat. The mission at Maple and Rye Bakery is “to create delicious, from scratch baked goods that incorporate wholesome ingredients.” The many testimonials heard Sunday as people approached her tent, calling her by name, speaks truth to her mission and satisfying her customers with a great product and customer service. You can also order on her website for pick-up both at the Market and in Brunswick.


Nikevia participates in other farmer’s markets, but this was her first appearance at the Frederick City Market and her cinnamon rolls were a HIT. CINNAMOMMY continues to grow her business and clientele where her products are sold at three different locations as well as offering two weekly pick-up locations. Every month, she features a signature flavor and this month was peach cobbler that was available at the market along with her famous cinnamon rolls, lemon cake, and gluten free chocolate chip cookies. As one customer was approaching she turned and looked at her friend and said, “People go nuts and rave about her stuff. I see her all over social media.” And the rolls were flying off the table.

Wondering what school of food actually is? It is a business training course that is offered to businesses that are looking to start or grow in the lenses of the food and beverage industry. Courses range from defining who and what your business is to the fine detail of how to market and make profit from your business. If you are interested in growing and expanding your business this is the course for you. Abby from Maple and Rye Bakery commented that this was one of the most beneficial courses she has taken to help understand how to grow her business. For more information you can reach out to any of the partnerships as well as